Photographer Credits

Alyson Edie Photography

Andrea Bibeault: A Wedding Photojournalist

Tiffani Jedlicka Photography

James Bits Photography

Kassidy McConville Photography

Megan King Photography


A special thank you goes out to Chris Stousland of Stousland Jewelry for granting GretchElizArtistry permission to use their "Whooos Your Love Owl" design. This design is unique and memorable to them, because it was one of the first designs done by Stousland Jewelry originator, MIK Stousland.

I couldn't be happier to display such a wonderful piece of 1960's artistic design on my website. I stumbled upon the "Whooos Your Love Owl" pin at an online sale. I fell in love with it instantly and purchased it. I now wear my adorable owl pin on a regular basis!

Alyson Edie Photography
Photography: Megan King